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Wrestling with God - a series in the life of Jacob

We have great news – God has offered us new life through Jesus’ death and resurrection. It’s not something we can earn, but is a gift of grace from the greatest of Givers. The message seems simple – and there is great joy for those who receive it. So, why is life sometimes such a struggle?


Why do we still want life on our own terms, and the control to decide how it should go, even when God has something better?


It’s a heart matter, and even those of us who know Christ can still be striving to make life work in our way. It was like this with Jacob too. Even before he was born, the LORD promised Rebekah his mother, that he was chosen in a special way and would receive God’s blessing.


And yet, in the womb as well as through his life, Jacob fought to remain in control by doing things his way. His story is a remarkable account of the grace of God, to continue to work in and through him, until the point Jacob finally wrestled with God and humbled himself to willingly serve God’s will.


Hold onto your seats – this is a story with twists and turns, of how a loving and gracious God transforms a sinful man, growing his faith and dependency, to walk in God’s path. Praise God that through Jesus Christ, he continues to work by His Spirit to bring change to us, that we might become the people we were always meant to be!


9 May 2021

Genesis 25:19-34 Grace and Grasping

[Notes] [Watch / Listen]

16 May

Genesis 27 Family Values

[Notes] [Watch / Listen]

30 May

Genesis 28 Jacob’s Ladder

[Notes] [Watch / Listen]

6 June

Genesis 29:1-30 Hard lessons with Laban

[Notes] [Watch / Listen]

13 June

Genesis 29:31- 30:24 What a tribe!

[Notes] [Watch / Listen]

20 June

Genesis 30:1- 31:55 Blessings and Tensions

[Notes] [Watch / Listen]

4 July

Genesis 32 Wrestling with God

[Notes] [Watch / Listen]

11 July

Genesis 33 Reconciliation

[Notes] [Watch / Listen]

18 July

Genesis 34-37 Hope in grief

[Notes] [Watch / Listen]

1 August

Genesis 48-50 Leaving a legacy

[Notes] [Watch / Listen]


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