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In this section you will find more of the documentation which supports the church activities. A lot of this is legally required so that we meet the requirements of bodies such as the Charity Commission. We are in the process of refreshing this content as part of our transition to a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) which took effect on 1st January 2024.

Church Constitution

Church Handbook

Health and Safety Policy

Safeguarding Policy

We meet regularly as a membership to hear reports from the Leadership team, receive updates on matters in progress and to vote to approve various matters as required by the Rules and Constitution. Minutes of meetings are circulated to Members of the church shortly after the meeting and are reviewed and approved at the following meeting, with an update given of any 'matters arising' from them. 

Our next Partners meeting will include the 2024 AGM and will be held on Monday 15th April, 7.30pm.

The Agenda is as follows:

1. Praise & Devotional

2. Approval of Minutes from previous meeting 28.1.24

3. AGM Ministry Reports 2023

4. Finance Update

5. Leadership Team nomination: The elders propose Cheryl Bowen to join the Leadership Team with the title “Deacon for Mission Partners”

6. Partnership news: The elders propose [redacted for website] to become Gospel Partners at PBC.

7. Discussion: Investing in people for Christ: Organised activities and personal relationships • What are some of the benefits of running groups and activities? What are some of the drawbacks?

• What are some of the ways we can invest in people without needing an organised group/activity?

• How do we discern how many/which activities/groups we run?

8. Practical news

9. Prayer together

Next meeting: Sunday 14th Jul


Our annual accounts are available through the website of the Charity Commissioner. If you would like to know more about the details please contact the Church Treasurer.

Church members can claim expenses or request payments for activities relating to the Church. The forms are here:

Expenses Reimbursement

Payment Request

Gift Aid Form

If you would like to donate money to the church in an easy way with no cost to you please visit, register as a member and when you shop through them they will donate money to the church.

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