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We are an active Church, seeking to serve the community God has placed us in. We seek to be a blessing to those around us. There are many ways we are able to do this ... proving that 'Church' is more than just a 10.30am Sunday service.

Watch out for announcements on our Twitter and Facebook sites.

Midweek Study Groups (Tuesdays)


On Tuesday mornings (10.00) and evenings (7.30), we meet to give further time and study to the subject of the Sunday service (see Sermon Centre for notes and questions). We spend about an hours going through the suggested questions and close with a time of prayer.


The gathered church on a Sunday is vitally important to the life of a healthy church - but spending time together in smaller groups around God's word, studying and discussing in a 'safe' environment, helps us grow further and learn to appreciate the power of God's word, the Bible.


We meet every Tuesday apart from the Tuesday after our Lord's Supper service; that week, please arrange to give someone a call, meet for  a coffee, or pop round to visit them; spend time together growing together as part of God's church.

Men's Ministry / Ladies' Ministry


A few times a year we meet for special events aimed at either men or women, and open this to invite our friends. Watch for announcements!

Messy Church


A few times a year on a Friday from 3.30pm until 5.30pm, Messy Church takes over - fun, games, songs, food and a Bible talk aimed at younger children and their parents.

Please watch for announcements of upcoming dates on our Twitter and Facebook sites.

Young People (11-18) 


Our 11-16 group, Explosion, meets on Sunday mornings as a separate session during the 10.30am service. This is where young people take part in games, Bible study, discussion, prayer and learning memory verses. Our aim is to help our young people make sense of their lives by trusting in Jesus and equip them to live for him. Often we study the same passages as the adults, so that parents and young people can talk together afterwards about what they have learned.

Our 16-18 group, Impact, meets once a month during the afternoons on the same Sunday as the Lord's Supper (4th in month). It's a time for informal study relevant to this stage of young adulthood.

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Even younger (0-11)


Our Sunday children's activities run during the 10.30am service are 0-4s ('Sparks') and 4-10s (Launchpad). The classes and content suited to their age where they can learn more about the Bible and being a follower of Jesus in a friendly, welcoming atmosphere. All our workers are volunteers and are DBS checked.

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