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Summer Specials 2021

Something a bit different this summer. 

Three weeks of interconnected but standalone messages charting our walk with God at this point in a very strange 18 months. With so much uncertainty still surrounding the next few months, where is God is all this?

Have we found over this time that there are things we can do without?

Even if we are 'free', what does that mean?

And as the church looks forward to regathering, it's a time when we can look to the example of Old Testament leaders to get a pattern for how we can build God's church here in Paulsgrove.

We pray you will allow God to speak as we enter this most interesting time.




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8th August

Over this long strange year and a half, we have noticed things we can do without, but also things we definitely need. Today, we are going to have a look at four things we can't do without.

Some like to prepare for the service by reading the set passage of the Bible beforehand. Although there is not just one set passage this week, you might want to read Psalm 24 in preparation.

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15th August

As we follow Moses we see how he went from a Hebrew refugee to a Prince of Egypt, to a shepherd and then a leader of a nation. And a man who bartered with God. Who said 'no' to God - but who then went on to do the greatest things for God. Leading the Hebrews out of Egypt, have you noticed how long it took before they were wishing they were back as slaves? 

Join us in Exodus as we see what freedom looks like in God's hands.

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22nd August - Lord's Supper

29th August

When lockdown first happened in March 2020, we were in the middle of the book of Ezra, with God's people returning to Jerusalem after a 70 year exile, and rebuilding the temple so they could worship God in their homeland once again. However, through opposition, fear and discouragement, their building work stopped for over a decade.


As lockdown begun, and we were unable to meet publicly as church, whilst we know that as Christians we are able to worship Jesus anywhere, many at PBC may have 'paused' in their own 'building work' in serving Christ.


Today, we will revisit Ezra chapters 4-6, looking at why the building work stopped, how it re-started, and how it might be time for us to 'rebuild' in the way that God is directing us.

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