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From Running to Revival
A series from the book of Jonah

“Have you heard the one about the man who was swallowed by a big fish?”

It might sound like the first line from a joke or a fairy story.

But the Bible book of Jonah is neither of these – it’s a true re-telling of the account of a man who tried running from God but ended up involved in the biggest revival in the whole of the Bible!

The hero of the story is of course, God, and in our 4-week series, we will be learning about how Jonah is a picture of:

  • The nation of Israel who were supposed to spread God’s light to the world.

  • Each of us in our need for God’s intervention in our lives.

  • Jesus himself, who came from God to bring salvation through his own sacrifice.


This is not a story to be limited to a children’s illustrated Bible, but one which is relevant to all of us, of any age and stage of life.

Hold on to your hats, come on the journey, be encouraged and challenged!


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July 9th 2023

Running from the Almighty - Jonah 1

[Notes] [Recording]

July 16th

Saved from the Depths - Jonah 2

[Notes] [Recording]

July 30th

A Witness for the Lord - Jonah 3

[Notes] [Recording]

August 6th

The Compassion of God

[Notes] [Recording]

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