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Eat, Pray, Share


Over the past two years we have looked at the invitation gives to his followers to remember his death and resurrection in the elements of bread and wine. Our practice for many decades has been for this to be a simple act added at the end of a worship service. But was this what Jesus intended when he met with his disciples in the upper room?

During 2017 as a church we agreed to introduce a different practice. Looking for ways that reflected the truths that the breaking of bread and sharing of the cup symbolise. Changing how we celebrate the Lord’s Supper was challenging for us. To help with this change we met quarterly as a whole church around tables. We also encouraged our small groups to share the Lord’s Supper and once a quarter we met together midweek.

This coming year we plan to return to our normal pattern of celebrating the Lord’s supper monthly as a church together including in each celebration an aspect of a meal together. To help us understand why, we will be spending three Sunday’s looking again at 5 key elements that are included in the Lord’s supper.

CWR have recently produced a new resource called Eat, Pray, Share and they focus on the very themes we taught in 2017. Under the headings: Community, Commemoration, Covenant, Celebration and Commitment. We will use these headings and the booklet they have written for small groups. In this booklet are daily readings that provide further reflections and teachings. We would commend this booklet to you and would encourage you to take a copy. They have been bought by the church and if you would like to donate to the cost of this we suggest £3.00 per booklet. As we are following the book, there are no separate sermon notes for this series.

In the introduction to the booklet Mick Brooks writes “Let’s explore the most amazing table of all, a prelude to this great feast to come. I hope that it will change what for some may have become ritual and routine, to be revived and refreshed.” As an eldership we echo those words.

January 7th 2018: Lord’s supper as Community and Commemoration  [Listen >>]

January 14th 2018: Lord’s supper as Covenant and Celebration  [Sorry no audio]

January 21st 2018: Lord’s supper as Commitment  [Listen >>]

January 28th 2018: We celebrate the Lord’s supper together. “Peace with God”  [Listen >>]

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