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Lord’s Supper Celebrations


2021 Series



Through 2021, we are going to be focusing our Lord's Suppers on some of the names of Jesus found in Scripture. We recorded services until October; from November as we revert to the type of service we are familiar with, with much more interaction during the service, these don't lend themselves to recording.


February 28th: Light of the world [Worksheet] [Watch / Listen]

March 28th: Lamb of God & Great High Priest [Worksheet] [Watch / Listen]

April 25th: The Word [Worksheet] [Watch / Listen]

May 23rd: Bread of Life [Worksheet] [Watch / Listen]

June 27th: Cornerstone [Worksheet] [Watch / Listen]

July 25th: Son of David [Worksheet] [Watch / Listen]

August 22nd: Bridegroom, Husband [Worksheet] [Watch / Listen]

September 26th: Lion of the tribe of Judah [Worksheet] [Watch / Listen]

October 24th: Alpha and Omega [Worksheet] [Watch / Listen]

November 28th: King of Kings [Worksheet]

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