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Real people in a real world. 

Being a Christian is not a life choice, an intellectual exercise or a 'cop-out'. It's a daily relationship with the Creator God of the universe, who holds us in His intimate care and love. A God who loves us so much that, even though we reject Him, still sends His Son, Jesus Christ, to die on the cross to open the way to Heaven for us.

The Christian life is one of joy and contentment. But does that mean we're immune to the trials and tribulations of life? Of course not. A walk with Christ is not going to be free of trials ... but we have a Friend who walks with us every step of the way, and who will never leave us on our own. So what does life look like in the day to day?


And what happens when a worldwide crisis happens? Where is God in the coronavirus pandemic? Has it caught Him by surprise? Is He really in control?


Here, we offer testimonies (personal stories) of some of our church family, about what a walk with Jesus means to them. But first, a word from our Pastor, Dave Aarons, about church during lockdown.

Then we move on to other members of our fellowship who tell us what it means to them, to walk with Jesus at the present time.

We then finish with some stories of what it means coming out of lockdown - what we have learned about God and his purposes - and conclude with a praise montage from various members of the Church reflecting on what they have learned.

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