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When Kingdoms Collide - Living Godly Lives in an Ungodly World
A Series in Daniel

Living in this world, we can often feel conflicted as Christians. God has made us and placed us on earth at this point in history for a good purpose, yet the world and its values are so different from ours, and this is not our true home. We have to remember who is the true King of the world, what we are living for, and where our future is headed. It was the same in Daniel’s day, 2600 years ago! He was exiled in Babylon, along with a number of others from Jerusalem, as the mighty king Nebuchadnezzar asserted his authority on the region. Living far from home under ungodly kings was a challenge for Daniel and his close companions, as they sought to remain faithful to their God. 


This story has much that we can relate to in our day: 

  • When kingdoms collide, it is important to remember that God is on His throne and has authority over the kings of the earth. 

  • Living godly lives in an ungodly world is possible as we look to our God and the power He provides. 

  • Under pressure and persecution, God remains faithful to His people as they trust and obey Him. 

  • The promise of the son of man, sent from heaven to be worshipped in the world by people of all nations (Daniel 7:14), is a picture of Jesus who came once for our salvation, and will return once more to take his followers to their true home. 

  • Whatever conflicts, battles, and power games the kings of this world fight, each one “will come to his end” (Daniel 11:45) – God will control the destiny of all people, “some to everlasting life, others to shame and everlasting contempt” (Daniel 12:2) 


So let’s take heart as we live for Jesus today – Our Father is the King, Jesus is our Saviour, and the Spirit is our strength. Let’s live godly lives in an ungodly world, with hope in our spirits! 



Daniel series 2022.png

1st May

Thriving under the King (Daniel 1)

[Notes] [Recording]

8th May

King over the kingdoms (Daniel 2)

[Notes] [Recording

15th May

​Faithful in the fire (Daniel 3)

​[Notes] [Recording]

29th May

Humbled and restored (Daniel 4)

[Notes] [Recording]

5th June

The writing's on the wall (Daniel 5)

[Notes] [Recording]

12th June

In the lions' den (Daniel 6)

[Notes] [Recording]

19th June

The Ancient of Days and the son of man (Daniel 7)

[Notes] [Recording]

3rd July

Antichrists and the Antichrist will meet their end (Daniel 8)

[Notes] [Recording]

10th July

Humble confession to a God of mercy (Daniel 9)

[Notes] [Recording]


17th July

​Strengthened by the glory of Jesus! (Daniel 10)

[Notes] [Recording]

31st July

Staying wise in the heat of battle (Daniel 11)

[Notes] [Recording]

7th August

Shining forever like stars (Daniel 12)

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