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Who we are

The church is led by elders and deacons with two of the elders who have the responsibility of Pastor. Martin Rutty is the Senior Pastor and Dave Aarons is the Youth Pastor.

The Elders and Deacons work together as a leadership team, which is divided into four areas of responsibility. Each area has an elder responsible and one or two deacons who work alongside. The four areas are: 1) Programme 2) Finance and Administration 3) Care and Support 4) Governance.

In addition to the Elders and Deacons the church has a full time Church worker.

Below are the contact details of our pastors, Elders and Deacons. Please contact the appropriate person or our pastor.


Martin Rutty.jpg


    Martin Rutty          

    Office: 023 9237 7814

    Email: martin.rutty@paulsgrove.org.uk



Dave Aarons.jpg


Youth  Pastor                 

   Dave Aarons                

Office: 023 9237 7814              

Email: dave.aarons@paulsgrove.org.uk              



Other Staff:


    Church Worker                                                               

    Joy Rutty

    Office 02392324841                                                       

    Email: joy.rutty@paulsgrove.org.uk                           





Steve Mountain.jpg




     Steve Mountain - Programme



Paul Heawood.jpg                                                     



Paul Heawood – Care and Support       



    Danny Yarker - Governance


Geoff Youngs - Small Groups    




Finance and Administration



    Brian Smith (Treasurer)                                                                             Pete Gillam


Care and Support

                                                                                  Nigel Tiller.jpg



Nigel Tiller       




                              James Smith.jpg                                                   Maurice Tucker.jpg


    James Smith (Administration)


                                       Maurice Tucker