Life's Best Journey

Life’s best journey

‘but seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you as well’ Matthew 6:33

We are all looking for fulfilment, enjoyment and purpose in life. From an early age we learn that a good way to get this is to fight for it. As babes in arms we cry out for attention, by two we are into tantrums. As teenagers we grunt and use unfamiliar moods to vie for centre stage and our own way. As adults we become a bit more sophisticated in our pursuit of fulfilment and enjoyment. But the search is illusive and soon we begin to ask questions about life’s meaning and purpose as we journey through the decades.

There are plenty of fellow travellers who offer both advice and warnings along the way, but who is trustworthy? Who can I trust to lead me to fulfilment and enjoyment? Who can I trust to be my guide in my pursuit of fulfilment, enjoyment and purpose?

In this series we will be exploring these important questions through the life of King David and King Jesus. King David seemed to have everything he needed. But his heart was unsatisfied with wealth, power and wives, but through an event that could have defined him as a tragic failure he guides us to the one whom we can trust to lead us to meaning, fulfilment and enjoyment, King Jesus.

A series based on Psalm 51 may appear destined to be gloomy and depressing. I believe it will be enthralling and encouraging! Over the past few months God has been speaking to me through this Psalm of the wonderful truths of Grace, Mercy and Forgiveness. David was a man transformed when he found fulfilment, enjoyment and purpose through his relationship with the one who is unfailing in His love and compassion, David’s greater son, Jesus. David’s journey was a challenging one and so will ours be, but it is worth it!


Passage Week Title
Matt 6:33 January 5th Preparing For The Journey
John 10:10 January 12th This Is The Journey
Psalm 51 - Title January 19th The journey begins in the junk yard
Psalm 51: 1 - 2  January 26th Journey’s beginning and end
Psalm 51: 3-4 February 2nd  Learning the way
Psalm 51: 5-6 February 9th Trusting the guide
Psalm 51:7 February 16th Trusting the equipment
Psalm 51:8-9 February 23rd Strange encouragement
Psalm 51: 10 - 11 March 2nd Walking with the guide
Psalm 51: 12 March 9th A great resting place
Psalm 51: 13 - 14 March 16th Come and join me
Psalm 51: 16 - 17 March 23rd I really need some help
Psalm 51:18 March 30th The end is in sight
Psalm 51:19 April 6th The celebration begins
Psalm 51:15 April 13th Journey’s reflections


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