A study in Proverbs

Ancient wisdom that works today!

Wisdom = the ability to use your knowledge to make good decisions and judgements. (Cambridge English Dictionary)

Choices face us all the time. Some are big, others day to day. Some day to day choices have a much bigger impact on our life than we realise. We know that every choice brings a consequence, but we don’t always consider what those consequences are.

In our world today there is more choice than ever before. We all have questions about life, our place in it, why it works or doesn’t work for us. We all face the challenge of suffering and injustice. We all know the inner struggles of anger, bitterness, jealousy and envy. How do we choose well, how do we consider the consequences of our actions? How do we develop wisdom? Ancient wisdom works today because human nature has not changed!

Centuries before Jesus was born a young man chosen to be King of Israel by God, chose wisely when God offered him anything he wanted. Solomon asked God for wisdom (1 Kings 3: 4 – 15). The wisdom he received forms the foundation for the books in the Bible: Song of Songs, Ecclesiastes and Proverbs. It is ancient wisdom but it is God’s wisdom and these books provide for us answers to find the way to wise living. How we develop the ability to use our knowledge to make good decisions and judgements.

In this series we will explore the ancient wisdom in Proverbs and discover how life and faith combine. Our prayer is that we will experience the Holy Spirit working in us as we explore this book and discover God’s love and care in providing for us a wisdom that lives however confusing the world we live in becomes.





June 11th

Proverbs 3

First steps

June 18th

Proverbs 1

Character and growing wise

June 25th

Proverbs 2

How we grow

July 2nd

Proverbs 4

Wisdom’s journey

July 9th

Proverbs 5

Sweet or sour – Wise choices

July 16th

Proverbs 6: 1 – 19

Community Matters

July 23rd

Proverbs 7

Life and Death – Sex Matters

July 30th

Proverbs 8 – 9

Choose wisely

August 13th

Proverbs 13:20

Friends for life

August 20th

Proverbs 11:17

Speak wisely

August 27th

Proverbs 14:31

Compassion for life

September 3

Proverbs 16:32